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What is it?

In one word, Visibility. Search Engine Optimization brings consumers who are already searching for you to your website.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to solidify their position online. Businesses of all sizes. Authors. Lawyers. Doctors. Online retailers. You.

Why use it?

We know what makes search engines tick. Time and time again our techniques bring focus traffic to websites.

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At eCommerce Positioning, we offer many ecommerce solutions for websites, like design & development, marketing, and traditional SEO services. We also have a wide range of  social media services, video creation, and content writing services.
Social Media Services

Utilize the Social Graph

Social networks aren't just for your friends anymore. Give your business an edge by learning to harness the power of the social graph. Learn more »
Advertisement Services

Professional Advertisements

Advertise in style with a professional video featuring your products. Large companies have them, why can't you? Learn more »
Hosted Ecommerce Services

Hosted Store Solutions

We believe store software should be simple and elegant. From novice to advanced users, our stores have something for everyone. Learn more »
Custom Design Services

Quality Design Services

First impressions are everything. Logos, banners and even minor graphics - we take pride in our attention to detail. Let us visualize your dream. Learn more »
Traditional Marketing Services

Internet marketing

On page optimization provides a foundation for your website. Strong research helps to bring qualified traffic, not just high numbers. Learn more »