When you hear the words “Search Engine Optimization,” to you that might mean something like “High Tech Internet Computer Programmer Voodoo.” However, it’s become quite a bit simpler in recent months as Google weeds out the SEO tricksters and cheaters and rewards those who clearly put consistent effort into their website. What that means for you is that you can actually help your search engine rankings by doing simple things that are enjoyable to many – in fact, the more you enjoy yourself, the better off you’ll be.

Google is doing everything it can to reward things like good content and authentic link building practices. These may sound hard, but they can all be easily achieved by enjoying yourself while you do them. In fact, many of these practices may be things that you already participate in by choice because you enjoy them.

  1. Spend Time on Facebook and Twitter. There’s a good chance that you already do this with personal accounts. While you shouldn’t run your business social media accounts like a personal account, the most successful businesses run their Facebook and Twitter accounts as though they’re enjoying it. Be authentic about it. Post funny and interesting pictures and helpful articles related to your business. Engage with people who leave comments on your page as though they were your friends. Everyone loves the friendly local shopkeeper who seems to love what he does. Be like that guy.
  2. Write the Way You Want to Write. Keeping a regular blog is one of the best link building strategies. People love sharing great blog posts, and every time someone Tweets it, that’s one more link back to your website. And the great blog posts are the ones that are fun to read. Nobody’s expecting you to write a dissertation on your blog, and very few users want to read anything that sounds like one. While you do need to mostly use correct grammar and punctuation, being playful and authentic in your writing not only makes it enjoyable to read, it shows that you’re passionate about the subject. So throw caution to the wind and write in a way that’s fun for you. Your readers will appreciate it.
  3. Write About Things You Like. In the same spirit, you won’t enjoy your writing if it’s about something that doesn’t interest you. A good blog post combines a subject you love with a subject that’s useful to the reader. You can’t write about just anything – it needs to be related to your business and provide valuable information or advice to your customers. But don’t underestimate the value of writing about a fun topic that you can relate to. You’ll enjoy it more, and that authentic voice will come out all the more.
  4. Take Photos and Videos. Still not enjoying writing? There are other kinds of content. Maybe you have your own camera because you enjoy taking pictures and recording videos. Go nuts! Photoblogs are great for products that are visually appealing, and video blogs are even more popular. If you’re selling toys, you have no excuse not to video yourself hopping on a pogo stick. Video tutorials also get consistent views. Take what you love and share it with your customers.
  5. Share Your Opinions. Ever posted on an online message board or commented on someone’s blog post? If you haven’t, I know you’ve been tempted. Feel free to share your expertise on the topic of your business with the members of the online community. As long as your posts are thoughtful and worth something, this is a great link building technique. Better yet, bloggers will appreciate your efforts and are more likely to come to your blog to share their expertise, resulting in mutually beneficial relationships between people with complementary businesses.

In today’s online world, good SEO can be built by immersing yourself in the virtual community. Put your heart into it the way you do every other aspect of your business.