The greatest gift of all.

The greatest gift of all.

Cyber Monday is almost upon us – the glorious day that will hopefully net you enough sales to be able to buy your kids all those fabulous presents they’ve been demanding. If you haven’t heard, Cyber Monday is a day following Black Friday wherein all the people who stayed home on Friday get on their computers and mob the Internet for online gift shopping.

What this means for you: Money. IF you make some necessary preparations. A conversion rate, if you were wondering, is the percentage of people on your eCommerce website that go from browsers to buyers. Getting people to your website is great, but if your conversion rates are nothing, you’re still not making money. A lot goes into improving conversion rates, but there are a couple easy things you can do to take advantage of the season and finalize the sale.

Have a Sale. This kind of goes without saying. Everybody has sales for Cyber Monday, just like on Black Friday. Free shipping offers are highly recommended – shipping costs are a big conversion killer. If not for everything, give it for orders over a certain amount.

Kick Up The Social Media Efforts. People need to know you’re having a Cyber Monday sale. Get the word out, and get creative. Offer customer support through your social media pages, or, if you have a Google+ account, now would be a good time to try out Google+ Hangouts. Video chatting with customers is the best way to allay their worries outside of speaking to them physical face to physical face.

Email People About It. If you have a list of customer emails built up, you’ve no excuse not to keep in touch. A simple, straightforward email letting them know that you’re having a sale is a welcome sight in the inbox, especially for repeat customers.

Advertise Shipping Deadlines. Creating a sense of urgency is a common marketing technique. Online browsers are notoriously indecisive. They may see something they want on your website, but they might want to check other prices or think about it for days and then forget your website exists. If you give them a reason that they need to buy something soon, it puts the pressure on and they’re more likely to convert to buyers.

Emphasize Your Awesome Return Policy. Another thing that makes users hesitate is the fact that they can’t have the thing they want to buy in their hands before they buy it, and if they don’t want it they have to mail it back to you. If you don’t have a comprehensive and flexible return policy, your users will consider trying to find your product in the store instead. You don’t have to give refunds for everything – the best thing you can do is invite people to call with questions so that you can work things out on the phone like reasonable human beings. Then advertise this invitation on your homepage and your product pages to make people feel more comfortable about buying something from someone who lives thousands of miles away.

These tips work especially well during special holidays, but can be used any time of the year. Just remember what people need to be convinced to buy: Incentive, urgency, and trust in your store.