Planning your marketing strategy

Over the last few years

Marketing online has changed dramatically. We can all agree that running a business in general comes with plenty of tasks to handle. Learning the associated skills necessary for your business isn’t always the most realistic option. That’s where we come in.

We are here to help guide your online ventures to success. Currently, we offer both traditional internet marketing and signature services geared towards anyone looking for some assistance with their online business. Read through our services below to learn how they can help you. If you are having trouble making sense of anything, give us a call; we have representatives available to walk you through our services.


Design Services

Do you have a vision for how your business should be presented? Are you ready to have that vision realized? Our team of designers and UX experts will take your idea and create a standards-compliant, future proof website that is sure to impress.

Additional mockups done in Photoshop

You can have faith that your idea will be transformed into a polished gem for your business. Here at eCommerce Positioning, we look forward to working with you and helping your business grow.

Sketching out your website design

Throughout our design process, your account manager will work with you to go over proofs from the designers, talk about strategies for your website and customers as well as help you launch your new website when it is complete.

Final revisions approval

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Hosted Ecommerce Services

Ready to start your own business? Home based online businesses are extremely easy to setup and require very little overhead. With our hosted ecommerce services you avoid costs of location, storing product, hiring employees, and so forth. You can manage it all on your own from your desk at home or even at a local coffee shop.

Hosted ecommerce store front

We have spent a lot of time listening to our clients wishes to craft the perfect suite of tools for running an online store. With our hosted store software AresCart, you have complete control of your store.

Hosted ecommerce store admin

Some of the features include the following:


  • Software tuned to the needs of small businesses
  • Fully featured Administrative panel
  • Ability to host thousands of products
  • Newsletter management
  • Order managment and statistics
  • Managed hosting, no server skills required!


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Traditional Services

Our traditional internet marketing services are the bread and butter of your marketing strategy. We recommend all of our clients use some form of our ecommerce SEO marketing. Below are the basic packages – we recommend speaking with a representative to build a comprehensive strategy for your business.

With all of our traditional marketing services you receive :


  • Keyword research and traffic analysis
  • Submission to search engines and directories
  • Linking strategy research and implementation



  • Competitor strategy analysis
  • General market research and analysis
  • Live technical support


Features Starter Pro Plus Custom
Researched Keywords 15 30 45 60
Architecture and Design Analysis null null null
Link Reputation Analysis null null null
Press Release null null
Keyword Density Monitoring & Reporting null null
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Social Media Services

We’re sure you already know what were talking about when we say social media. Everyone is on some sort of network now – whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. We can help you reach out to your customers via these social networks. Take your business to your customers better than ever before.

We will walk you through all the steps to becoming a master of your social network through in depth training on different techniques and support when you need it. With social media you have the power. Let us teach you the ropes.

Deliver promotions, advertise contests and interact with customers – with your social presence you can reach millions instantly.

Sampling of social media account icons

Grab your name and secure your brand before someone else does with our new Social Profile Scan service. We check with up to 300 Social networks, blogger communities and niche groups to make sure your brand is safe online. This service is for everyone from individuals to Fortune 500 companies, so don’t hesitate to start securing your brand today.


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We strive to make the web a beautiful thing to look at and navigate by making sure our ads are eye catching but non-intrusive. For you as a business owner, this means your ads will help your conversions but won’t have a negative impact on your website.
You don’t have to be a advertising specialist to create an advertisement; you know your products, and prospective clients better than we do. We’re here to help get the technical and design work done with your vision. So tell us what products you would like to advertise or what demographic you would like to hit and we’ll take it from there.

Collection of example video advertisements


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Writing Services

On the internet, content is king. Images and text help our users understand our messages.

Stack of newspapers full of content


One problem is that search engines don’t have eyes to see our images, but they can read our text. Professional writing is not only well written for human interpretation, it also helps the search engines. By parsing the words on a webpage, search engines can better understand your message and properly communicate it back through the search results to your users.

Our copy writers spend time with our marketers to determine the best way to craft your copy so the search engines get our messages just as well as your customers.


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Product Services

As an e-tailer, just getting your online store setup can be time consuming. One of the major things to be done on your store is to upload your product catalog. We can simplify that process for you with our product services.

We have worked with almost every platform on the web and most allow us to take advantage of special tools to place your products on your store faster than ever.

Product import and export screen

Spend time on what really matters – your business.


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