Be seen & heard

If you were to visualize the internet, what would you see? You might see millions of people talking, sharing, and engaging with each other. If you own a business, you probably see competition. Marketing online isn’t limited to search engine optimization. It expands onto your website and continues all the way until a user has left it. Using online advertising on or off your site is key to leaving that lasting impression that could lead to a sale.

Advertise yourself, stand out

Keeping things classy

Stay classy, don't go overboard


Ever seen those box-like ads all around the internet? Some small, some big. Some with sound, some without. Some animated, some static. They’re the billboards of the internet – a platform for you to market your products and services to the internet world and beyond. At eCommerce Positioning we strive to make the web a beautiful thing to look at and navigate by making sure our ads are eye catching but non-intrusive. For you as a business owner, this means your ads will help your conversions but won’t have a negative impact on your website.


Trust us, it’s easy

You don’t have to be a marketing or online advertising specialist to get your advertisements started; you know your clients and products better than we do. We’re here to help get the technical and design work done with your vision. So tell us what products you would like to advertise or what demographic you would like to hit and we’ll take it from there.

What you can expect

Here is a short list of the steps we take to make sure your advertisements hit their mark everytime.


  • Demographic Research
  • Style Review
  • IAB Standards Review
  • Placement Determination
  • Final Creatives Review