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Outdoor Fun Camping

Everyone loves the outdoors and loves to enjoy it as much as possible. That idea is what got Linda Wellnitz excited about opening her own online store. Outdoor Fun Camping was born and grew relatively quickly but something was missing still. When we first talked to Linda she was interested in our Advertising services. We produced a video featuring her products and helped her promote it.

“I was amazed at the fact that after talking with me for a short time the video was exactly what I wanted.”

With the success of the video launch, we started looking at her website. Outdoorfuncamping.com is a great web property and we knew she could squeeze some more bang for her buck out of it. We suggested some design changes to make the site better for users who visit it. She was very receptive and work started on her store.

The end product is my website and it is what I wanted. It is me and not just a filled in template.

I learned how to take care of my site, which has taken off a lot of stress.Shortly after the launch of Outdoorfuncamping.com Linda recieved her first order. She called her representitive who proceeded to walk her through the entire process of fulfilling an order. She went from feeling stressed out to understanding and excited having processed her first order.

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