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There are many aspects to being competitive in the world of e-commerce, but two critical areas to success are having a professionally built quality website that consumers can easily navigate to find their product and a sound marketing strategy that drives traffic to your website. eCommerce Positioning has by far exceeded my expectations in both of those areas! Their highly professional team met every one of my requirements in building a professional website customized to my product and at the same time offered solutions to maximize the impact of their innovative marketing program to help get you to “page 1″. The eCommerce Positioning team makes you feel like their most important client and has a genuine interest in ensuring your website and business are successful. Thank you for the outstanding customer service you provide and helping me achieve my goals!

Mark Mullins

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The company I was working with before didn’t seem to pay any attention to my individual needs as a business owner. With eCommerce Positioning, I told them what I wanted out of my site, and they LISTENED. I was delivered the great looking site that I asked for, and couldn’t be happier with it. I wish everyone made things that simple.

Georgene Mulkey

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In November, 2009, I started out with ECommerce Positioning in a limited capacity with a 30 word keyword package for a website I developed on my own. Then I had eCommerce Positioning revamp my site with excellent design and SEO features. Since then I have purchased two more websites which are currently being developed for me by ECommerce Positioning.

Nancy Board

It improved my search engine ratings. Also the consultants had some great input on my website content, which by implementing, improved the number of pages the average visitor sees, and also my monthly sales seems to be increasing.

Andy Cheng

I would recommend eCommerce Positioning to anyone who wants a quality project. Give them your ideas and let them have the time to work on your project and then enjoy the results.

Linda Wellnitz

The people at eCommerce Positioning respond to my requests and listen to what I am looking to achieve. They are also terrific at teaching me some of the in’s and out’s of selling online, a new industry for me. This helps make my new venture a lot of fun.

Cindy Krulitz

I started out with eCommerce Positioning with a 30 word keyword package for a website I developed on my own. Then I had them revamp my site with excellent design and SEO features. Since then I have purchased two more websites which are currently being developed.

Cherry Goodkey

eCommerce Positioning got my website on the front page of every search engine, it worked, that’s where I am. I have a great conversion rate so I couldn’t be happier with the overall outcome of the marketing that eCommerce Positioning has provided for my business.

Michael Gilkison

I had a website but it wasn’t really helping my business like I knew it could. I worked directly with ecpCreative to build a results oriented website to help generate leads and give my customers information. I am more than pleased with the website they built for me.

Arnoldo de la vega

I had been trying to get my website built for my pottery business for at least 6 months without success. Then I hired eCommerce Positioning to build my site. Whenever I needed help, my account maganer was just a phone call away. I highly recommend Ecommerce Positioning to anyone who needs a qualitly website.

Ellary Blair

eCommerce Positioning takes the initiative to communicate with me on a weekly basis, assigned me a professional and courteous account manager, and always makes sure all my needs are met as they continue to surpass my expectations in helping me to build by dream website.

Cindy Searcy

eCommerce Positioning has helped me with targeted submission to various search engines, offered great technical advice, and added extra color and flair to my website. They are always there when I need them, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for SEO services.

Daniel Reeder

I had zero experience in building or managing an online store. With eCommerce Positioning building my site, I can handle fulfilling customers orders and providing customer service. eCommerce Positioning really takes the headache out of setting up and online store.

Janet Dunn

eCommerce Positioning assessed my business needs and have helped me with key component that have generated traffic to my website. The staff is very professional and courteous; I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of marketing services or website design.

Dawn Xanyn

Starting my business was hit and miss. I trusted companies that made promises and didn’t deliver. eCommerce Positioning had delivered on every promise made, they always guarantee the work they perform. My websites look amazing. Thank you eCommerce Positioning for helping me achieve my goals.

Judy Chivers

All I ever wanted to do was work from home, so the idea of starting an online store was constantly on my mind. The only problem was I didn’t know where to start. I called eCommerce Positioning to see if they could help me. It was the best business decision I have ever made.

Cherry Goodkey

As a mom with children to care for, having a website to operate from home seemed like a nice way to make extra income. After one unsuccessful attempt to build a website according to my ideas, I connected with the eCommerce Positioning team. They were very patient with me, and always there to help me when I needed them.

Marta Vacek

I was working with a local web designer for my home based business. The only thing the designer was lacking was experience with SEO and I sought out a company that could help with the marketing. That’s when I found eCommerce Positioning. I am very happy with the results of their marketing techniques.

Lisa Dorsel